Destination: Chicago, Illinois. The Windy City

Chi-Town! One of the greatest cities in the United States (in the summer) 🙂

I love Chicago, I really do.  The Navy Pier, The Magnificent Mile, Chicago-Styled Pizza, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Downtown, Millennium Park….. and the list goes on.

The subway system makes it easy to get anywhere in the city, and once you’re downtown, walking around is the best option.

There are so many different things to do in the city from museums to theater productions to shopping, eating and enjoying the amazing views all around you! The Navy Pier is a must see, down on the Lake with fantastic fun for all ages.  And of course sports fans have hard-core loyalty’s when it comes to Chicago Teams!

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong! Just beware… it’s not named the Windy City for nothing: Winter can be nothing less than HARSH!







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