Destination: Warsaw, Poland

If there is one thing that makes Warsaw special, it is the unbelievable history which accompanies this city.  Everywhere you look, there is a significant historical event that happened on that exact piece of land.

With most of her history stemming from the Holocaust, it’s an important, yet heavy, area of the world.  As I walked through the city, I honestly thought to myself (various times), “Wow, what these streets have experienced.”

I am lucky enough to have a good friend living in Warsaw, who gave us a personal tour of each memorial site and historically significant landmark….

In a word: Overwhelming!  From the Holocaust Museum to the Main station where the Railways loaded up people on route to the camps, it’s a plethora of WWII memorials. Poland has become a huge tour for Jewish teen groups, who are learning about their past, and Warsaw is one of the city stops.



There is also such beauty surrounding the city within the architecture and gorgeous parks. The Chopin connection adds music and culture inside this “green” atmosphere. The Royal park is one of the most incredible areas in Warsaw, with stunning gardens, breathtaking lakes, and a museum inside the castle.




Step into the old town, and feel like you stepped back in time. With quaint restaurants, hotels and shops, its the perfect way to feel the history.


I enjoyed my history-filled day in Warsaw, breathing in the past mixed with the present. Culture definitely takes on a new name in this Polish City…



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