Travel Regrets… Brasil

rioI think we’ve all said the words, “I wish I would have….” at one point…. sometimes there’s just not enough time or budget to experience everything.

For me it’s Brasil.  I lived in Rio de Janeiro for 5 years.  5 years!  Definitely enough time to experience the country, yet being the 5th largest country in the world, there is a lot of area to cover.  I was so fortunate to have traveled to many parts around… Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Parana, Foz do Iguacu, and of course all around the state of Rio, but here are my top 3 regrets:

1. I wish I would have taken more pictures.  Keep in mind, though, it was from 2000-2005 when I was there.  No Instagram. No Facebook.  No iPhone. Taking pictures meant the good-old-fashioned camera, and at the time I wasn’t as motivated as I am today to capture each moment.  I have pictures, but not nearly enough.

2. I never made it up to the Amazon. This for me is my biggest regret! It’s not a simple day or even weekend trip, so it would have meant planning an actual vacation. When I was there, I thought I would have PLENTY of time to make the trip… and all of a sudden 5 years have passed, and I’m moving to Africa.  No Amazon 😦

3. I should have documented my time better. Blogs weren’t a phenomenon as they are now, but I could have journaled my journey. I had some amazing experiences and wonderful memories…. writing them would have been brilliant.

And even with these 3 regrets, here’s the fantastic thing: I still have time to make up for it! Regrets don’t have to remain just regrets.  We can change them by going out and DOING instead of REGRETTING.

Do I plan on going back to Brasil? YES! She was my home for 5 wonderful years of my life.  I have friends and loved ones I need to visit, and when I do I will make up for those items of regret.  And what’s even better… make new and bigger memories than before!



3 thoughts on “Travel Regrets… Brasil

  1. I think this way often. I have been so blessed to travel to cool places and always find myself thinking “I wish I would have.” I think we honestly have to spend more time saying “I’m so blessed I got to”. Thanks for posting this as I often feel the same way.

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