Rome: Italy Honeymoon, Day 2

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

There’s so much to see and experience in Rome, that one day really doesn’t do it justice… but one day it will be! We started off by taking the train into the San Pietro station, heading directly to the Vatican. While we didn’t actually go inside the Vatican (if you want to, I suggest pre-ordering tickets or arriving very early due to crazy, crazy long lines), it’s still amazing to hang out outside and inhale the splendor of it all. I’m already starting to imagine myself in a Dan Brown novel!

We then journeyed onward, our handy-dandy street map of Rome in hand to see the sites and sounds of the city. The Pantheon, churches, bridges, castles, and everything in between, as we began to head south to our final destination–The Colosseum.

And finally, after braving a rainstorm, herds of tourists, peddlers at every corner, and with our legs starting to go numb, we reached our goal….. The Colosseum! It was simply incredible! Maybe it was from watching The Gladiator too many times, or reading numerous books about ancient Rome, but for the me, the Colosseum was my favorite site of our entire Italy trip. I could seriously imagine the horrible pain that place encompassed over the years. Insane!


But, alas, it was time to move on and continue to see more of Rome (and eat more pasta!) Rome at night is as awesome as it is during the day, so much so that we missed the last train back to our hotel (and that’s another story for another time). We were even able to celebrate Rosh HaShana in the biggest synagogue in Rome, an experience I will never forget! All in all, I loved Rome as much as I thought I would!

Thank you, Rome, for all the memories!  It’s time to hit the road again…

(Coming up next: Florence )


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