Marry a Girl Who Travels


There’s been a few blog posts going around about dating girls who travel. First there was Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, which led to the follow-up, Date a Girl Who Travels. Both were great in their own ways, but I’m going to take it a step farther to the next level:

MARRY A Girl Who Travels!

I’m about to get married. Yikes! After 30 (++some) years, I’m finally taking the plunge. Most all of my friends have been married with kids for some time now, and I’m pretty much the last one left. While everyone I knew was settling down, I was just warming up!

I’ve been fortunate to call some AMAZING places in this world my home. I’ve lived in various continents and travelled to some INCREDIBLE countries. My adult years have been full of wandering and experiencing… meeting new people and encountering new cultures. From the favellas of Rio de Janeiro to the African villages of Botswana, traveling has shaped me into the person I am now… the married woman I am ready to be… and the mom I someday aspire to become!

I met my husband (to be) in Malta. Most people I tell don’t even know where that is. Small Island. Gorgeous Scenery. Incredible Story. Fast forward to one year later: We’re getting married in Cyprus. Small Island. Gorgeous Scenery. Another Incredible Story. It’s seriously only fitting that I met my husband on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, and I’m going to marry him on another beautiful island in the Mediterranean. For us, travel has been an integral part of our relationship. Not only did we meet abroad, but we’ve spent this past year visiting some spectacular places too (Spain, Poland, Canada, The States, Bulgaria, and around the Middle East 🙂 

I’ve been receiving lots of “marriage advice” articles from friends and family (which is great), but I honestly think there’s something even more life changing about bringing travel into your marriage. I have changed and learned so much, not only about myself through my years of travel, but also about how I relate with others. Valuable tips for a travel-filled marriage: 

Don’t lose the fun! People tell me all the time you still need to find a way to have fun when you’re married. What’s a better way to spend time with your spouse, see new places, have fun and sneak in some romance to the trip? I love traveling with my man… brings us closer every time!

Work hard, Play hard. Let’s be honest, travel can be expensive. Couples who travel need to be able to afford to travel! There’s nothing sexier than working hard in order to play hard. 

Flexibility. There’s something wonderful to be said about the value of being flexible. No, we don’t have children yet, but yes, we plan on having.  Traveling has taught me how to be more flexible and even more patient. Sit under a tree in Africa for an entire day, while waiting for your vehicle to be fixed will catapult you into the lessons of flexibility! 

And speaking about kids…. teaching your kids the value of travel is PRICELESS! Speaking new languages, learning new ways to live, understanding that not everyone in the world is exactly like you… Educational. Taking them out of their bubbles and teaching them other cultures, traditions, histories… their world will be richer and fuller. 

So, Yes, DATING a girl who travels is a moment of fun and adventure, but MARRYING A GIRL WHO TRAVELS is a LIFETIME of fun, adventure, and love! 

travel IMG_5152

marriage IMG_5335 


9 thoughts on “Marry a Girl Who Travels

  1. Exactly! Love this Mo. We always try and travel to expose our child to other cultures etc which I think is critically important.
    As for marriage advice…..have one piece for you. Don’t listen to any advice. Every marriage is unique and has its special challenges. Experience it as it comes like you would travel. Wait, that’s advice…oh well.
    Oh. Key piece of advice…eat falafel…heard that’s a good step to a healthy marriage 🙂

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